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  • Instrucciones en Español 
  • Máxima protección de pintura hasta por 6 meses
  • Acabado brillante
  • Fácil de aplicar, fácil de remover



3M™ Synthetic Wax Protectant is formulated to provide a deep, long-lasting gloss finish to your vehicles’ painted metal surfaces. Unlike traditional auto wax, its synthetic polymers chemically bond to your vehicle’s painted surface – the enhanced shine holds up for as long as six months. This easy-to-use wax protectant applies quickly and smoothly by hand or with an orbital polisher.


A Deep Gloss Finish That Lasts

Sometimes it seems the typical auto wax can wear off almost as fast as it goes on. Not our 3M™ Performance Finish Synthetic Wax: it contains scientifically developed synthetic polymers that form a chemical bond with your vehicles’ surfaces, creating a protective layer that resists moisture for as long as six months. This durable protectant also brings out the depth and color of the vehicle paint.



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