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  • Permanently eliminates odors at a molecular level
  • Simple one time use aerosol refreshes every area of your car
  • Leaves a pleasant new car scent behind
  • Aerosol mist moves through the ventilation system, across the headliner and in-between all other hard to reach areas, eliminating odors and leaving a fresh scent in its place
  • Permanently removes smells like cigarette smoke, wet dog, work-out gear, and more



    Meguiar's® advanced Re-Fresher technology not only removes unwanted odors wherever they hide, but also replaces odors with a pleasant new car scent that lasts for weeks. * Our molecular odor eliminating chemistry works great at permanently removing smells like cigarette smoke, wet dog, work-out gear and more. *Meguiar's® Re-Fresher technology permanently removes existing bad odors through chemical bonding at a molecular level.


    Direction for using Meguiar’s air refresher 

    1. Start the vehicle with the fan set on high (circulated cold air) and close all windows.
    2. With the Air Re-Fresher nozzle facing away from you, activate the locking trigger.
    3. Place the Air Re-Fresher in the center of the car (typically on the floor between the front and back seats).
    4. Close all the doors and allow the Air Re-Fresher to work for 15 minutes.
    5. Open all the doors after 15 minutes, turn vehicle off and let it air out for an additional 10-15 minutes before use.


     Further tips

    • Vehicle should be unoccupied. No person, pets or plants should be inside the vehicle.
    • For best results, locate the source of any unwanted odor and remove it.
    • Dry brush, vacuum and clean any soiled carpet and upholstery.
    • Park your vehicle in the shade and in a well-ventilated area.
    • Do not use more than one can, per vehicle, at a time.





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