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  • Special polypropylene film backing provides 650% stretch factor allowing a 55 meter roll to yield 357 meters of tape
  • Adhesive removes cleanly when stretched without damaging carton graphics or shipping instructions
  • Sustainable solution results in less waste versus traditional shrink wrap
  • Application allows for air movement within the pallet for time sensitive goods, such as fruits and vegetables

Constructed with a specialized, transparent backing, Scotch® Stretchable Tape 8884 is designed to contain and secure pallets for shipping. It is coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive that removes cleanly when stretch over labels.



  • Palletizing and shipping fruits and vegetables
  • Securing loads for intra-plant movement
  • Load containment
  • Custom bundling



Scotch® Stretchable Tape 8884 features stretch-release properties to help remove cleanly without damaging carton graphics, shipping instructions or other pallet information when removed. When optimally stretched to 650%, one roll of this tape can be secure loads of 60 or more pallets. Scotch® Stretchable Tape 8884 is an excellent choice for light to medium duty pallet containment, hand bundling, strapping and holding in general industrial, warehouse and distribution centers. This sustainable solution results in less waste versus traditional shrink wrap. This tape can be applied by machine or hand. For hand application use Scotch® Stretchable Tape Dispenser H38.



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