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  • Bondo Cream Hardener is easy to use by simply mixing with Bondo Fillers
  • MUST BE USED WITH Bondo Fillers including Original, Fast-Dry, Short Strand Fiberglass Reinforced, Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced, or Wood, and cannot be used by itself
  • MIXES EASILY to produce a consistent chemical reaction for fast curing
  • PACKAGED IN EASY-TO-USE squeeze tube
  • TUBE AVAILABLE in multiple sizes
  • Cures in minutes and sands easily
  • BONDO BLUE CREAM HARDENER is easy-to-use by simply mixing with Bondo Fillers, not to be used with Bondo Liquid Resin for Fiberglass or Bondo Extreme Filler
  • FILL STAGE of 3M Body Repair System
  • Formulated and packaged under controlled conditions
  • Use during the Fill stage of the 3M™ Body Repair System



The original Bondo hardener, Bondo cream hardener when mixed with Bondo 2-part Filler products, provides amazing, long-lasting automotive repairs.

Bondo Cream Hardener mixes with Bondo 2-part fillers, putties and glazes to create high-quality, long-lasting repairs. When the filler and hardener are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs to create a mixture that will deliver a strong, lasting repair. Our hardener is smooth and easy to mix. Hardener must be used with Bondo Fillers and is not designed to use alone.



Safety Data Sheet (SDS)



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