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  • Permanently attaches side moldings, trim and emblems to vehicle exteriors and interiors
  • Excellent for narrow width applications
  • High strength double-sided adhesive withstands weather and impact
  • Easy-to-use press-on tape eliminates tools and mess
  • Easy-to-use press-on tape eliminates tools and mess
  • Add long term value to your vehicles, quickly and easily



3M™ Exterior Attachment Tape is ideal for permanently attaching side moldings and trim to your vehicles, adding long-term protection and value. Use the same elastic bonding technology employed for airplanes and skyscrapers to attach narrow body moldings, trim and emblems to your vehicle. This tape features an extremely strong adhesive, and it’s also easy to use – just pull of the liner and apply.


A High-Performance Tape Specifically for Auto Exteriors
Designed specifically for auto care and maintenance, our 3M™ Exterior Attachment Tape permanently attaches plastic, metal, carbon fiber and composite parts to your vehicle’s painted or unpainted surfaces. With this narrow-width tape, you can install side body moldings, drip rail moldings or fender and wheel trim to add instant protection against door dings and other hazards. Use this high-strength double-sided tape to add value to your vehicle by quickly installing or restoring decorative interior and exterior trim or factory emblems. The tape adhesive bonds instantly and holds up to impact, moisture and solvents used in routine maintenance.

Why Use Attachment Tape?
Unlike mechanical fasteners such as screws, rivets or clips, attachment tape does not require drilling or piercing holes in sheet metal which can lead to rust and corrosion. It goes on without the mess of other adhesives that can run, drip or smear, which means less cleanup during the installation and after it’s complete. The final installation is clean, low profile and very secure – just like in a professional shop.

3M™ Exterior Attachment Tape is exceptionally easy to use. You don't need any special tools – just cut the tape with a scissors to the desired length. Then simply apply tape to the trim, light, emblem, body side, wheel lip or door edge molding, position, remove the peel-off liner and press the item in place on the vehicle exterior.

Reduced Vibration for a Smoother, Quieter Ride
By securely fastening trim, emblems, lights and other exterior items, 3M™ Exterior Attachment Tape can also help reduce unwanted noise and vibrations as you operate your vehicle. It can serve as a sound-deadener, reducing the vibration of loose parts and the resulting noise through your vehicle’s metal and aluminum components. This make rides quieter and smoother, and improves overall satisfaction with your vehicle even when you’re not driving it.



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