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Sil-Glyde Silicone Brake Lubricant, Tube, 8 oz

Sil-Glyde Brake Lubricant is a silicone-based brake lubricant recommended for the entire brake assembly, is compatible with plastic and rubber (EPDM and Nitrile), and dampens vibrations between contact points. It is moisture-proof and heat resistant to over 425 degrees F (218 degrees C), which means it will not burn-off like other brake noise products. Its long-lasting properties provide a noise-free brake installation and easy disassembly. Using AGS brake lubricant is one of the keys to eliminating disc brake squeal and protecting parts from corrosion and rust.



  • Sil-Glyde Silicone Based Lubricant is moisture proof and heat resistant to over 425 degrees F(218 degrees C).
  • Use on the entire brake assembly.
  • Long lasting, corrosion resistant, and eliminates disc squeal.



Application Method Brush
1528 -20 To 450 FA
Color Opaque
Moisture Resistant Yes
Unassigned_1237 450 FA
Unassigned_26 Silicone


WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -




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