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    • Amphenol MC4 connectors and crimped solid contacts
    • Southwire 
  • UL 4703 and UL 44 PV Wire
  • 9 inches length wires (including the crimped contacts)
  • Ready to use with the Solar Charge Controller
  • UV resistant and waterproof, IP68, mated (1 m, 1 h)
  • Compatible to connect with Renogy, BoughRV MC4 connectors



The Solar Charge Controller Adapter Pigtail Kit is a set of two wires designed specifically for connecting a solar panel to a charge controller. The Wire Kit includes one Female or Male connector on one end for effortless connection to the solar panels, and stripped wire on the other end to connect directly into the charge controller. This wiring kit is essential for off-grid solar installations, roof or ground level The wiring is weatherproof and designed to withstand extreme heat and cold. This wiring kit is ideal for Off-Grid Kits.


Diameter Over Conductor ( Inch)0.113
Insulation Thickness ( mil)75
Approx. OD ( Inch)0.263
Copper Weight ( lb / 1000ft)32
Approx. Weight ( lb / 1000ft)53
Minimum Bending Radius ( Inch)2.1
Maximum Pull Tension ( lb)83
DC Resistance @ 25°C ( Ω/1000ft) 1.020
AC Resistance @ 90°C ( Ω/1000ft)1.250
Inductive Reactance @ 60Hz ( Ω/1000ft)0.050
Allowable Ampacity At 60° C ( Amp)30
Allowable Ampacity At 75° C ( Amp)35
Allowable Ampacity At 90° C ( Amp)40



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