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  • High dirt capacity designed to trap and hold more harmful particulates thus protecting the fuel system and engine
  • Multi-layered Filter Media with excellent efficiency in filtering out particulates to protect the Fuel Injection System and Engine
  • Precise, reliable fuel filter connections for 100% Fuel Filtration
  • Robust aluminum, plastic or suface-treated steel filter housing designed to withstand high pressure thus offering a longer fuel filter service life



Bosch Gasoline Fuel Filter

Bosch Fuel filters use premium quality materials, modern production methods and expertise about the injection system to engineer high-efficiency fuel filters to protect your vehicle’s engine with 99% fuel filtration. Bosch recommends fuel filter replacement at manufacturer specified intervals to maintain high performance and prolong the life of your engine. Bosch Fuel Filters help prolong the life of your vehicle and is one of the best ways to ensure dependable and trouble-free performance.



  • Buick, 1991-1985
  • Cadillac, 2003-2002, 2000-1999, 1992-1985
  • Chevrolet, 2006-1985
  • GMC, 2007-1985
  • Isuzu, 1996
  • Jaguar, 2009-1991
  • Land Rover, 2002-1993
  • Oldsmobile, 1996, 1994-1985
  • Pontiac, 1993-1985
  • Workhorse, 2005-2000


Coil TypePencil Coil
Package Contents1 Ignition Coil
Previously cataloged as #00044
Terminal Type (Ignition Coil)SAE
Unit(s) per Car Qty (ORLY)8
Voltage14 VDC



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