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  • Traditional white and black look
  • 60 degree needle sweep
  • Standard 2" dial for 2 1/16" opening
  • Requires a sender that puts out 240 Ohms Full to 33 Ohms Empty
  • Requires FST 7591 Sender (sold separately)



The Bosch SP0F000031 is a 2" electric fuel level with a traditional black and white look. It features a 60 degree sweep, and a standard 2" dial for a 2-1/16" opening. The Retro line tachometers and gauges deliver style and performance while featuring a clean, easy to read look with white lettering against a black face. Bosch is known for precision, engineering, and innovation. Add style and you have the first-ever line of Bosch gauges, including replacement tachometers, speedometers, temperature and pressure gauges for all applications. Bosch Branded Gauges represent the latest in design following our 100+ year history of Automotive, Industrial, and Racing products. Full: 33 OHM, Empty: 240 OHM.


7.00in x 4.50in x 3.25in
0.45 lb



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