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  • Combines the Endurance professional grade with the ease and speed of Quick Fix for a simple repair
  • LED test lights conveniently confirm electrical continuity
  • Durable dust cover to prevent corrosion and wire retention plate included
  • Ergonomic pull finger grips make for easier handling and prevent wire strain
  • Splicing inside the plug protects connections from the elements



Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation makes your towing experience simpler and more rewarding through innovation and value. As an Endurance product by Hopkins, this product is designed for ultimate durability against harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and normal wear and tear. Hopkins offers a variety of towing solutions including vehicle wiring kits, adapters, vehicle and trailer connectors, breakaway systems, and much more. Today, more than 40 percentage of retail category sales are generated from Hopkins innovations. Hopkins' Quick Fix 4-Flat Connector combines the Endurance professional grade with the ease and speed of the Quick Fix 4-flat for a simple repair. Simply remove the damaged connector, insert the wires into the connector, and fasten the cover to secure the wires. Built-in LED test lights confirm proper connection of each trailer function. Features a durable dust cover and wire retention plate. LED test lights conveniently confirm electrical continuity, while the easy pull finger grips prevent wire strain. Available for vehicle side or trailer side.



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