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  • For 2007 and up Honda and Acura vehicles, Backwards compatible with older Honda and Acura vehicles
  • Lubricates and reduces wear in the pump, Prevents rust of the steel parts
  • Lubricates and fights wear on the gear faces of the turning mechanism (eg. Rack and pinion)
  • Protects and cleans the seals and hoses
  • Contains no seal swellers



LUBEGARD COMPLETE Synthetic Power Steering Fluid for Honda & Acura was engineered specifically for 2007 and up applications that call for a fully synthetic power steering fluid. It is also backwards compatible with older Honda & Acura vehicles. This formula is engineered with a proprietary additive package developed by ILI that includes LXE (Liquid Wax Ester Technology).

LXE has a molecular structure that allows unsurpassed heat transfer, making it the most heat stable power steering product sold. This formula prolongs the life of the power steering unit by protecting the seals and hoses, reducing the risk of leaks.





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