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  • Bezel O.D. :2.39
  • Black dial, red graduations, white numerals, vivid white pointer staff
  • Current Draw : 0.10 - 0.15 A
  • Dial Range : UP-DOWN
  • Optional add-on eyebrow or square bezels available (see Gauge Accessories for details)



Perimeter and thru-dial lighting, Scratch resistant curved glass lens with black near-flush bezels, Gauge Description : Mariner/Merc/Cobra/Volvo DP, SX, Yamaha 2001 and on, Hole Size : 2.13, Housing O.D. : 2.08, Operating Temperature : -40C to +70C, Sender Code: BY ENG. MFR, Sender Code: BY ENG. MFR, Size: 2",



Manufacturer's Technical Support: 1-877-663-8396



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