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  • All natural non-aerosol air freshener.
  • The strongest and most effective odor Eliminator Available.
  • Non man-made chemicals
  • No heavy perfumes
  • No artificial ingredients



All natural non-aerosol air freshener is the strongest and most effective odor eliminator available. No man made chemicals, heavy perfumes or artificial ingredients. Eliminates odors naturally. Information on basic physical and chemical properties Physical state:Gas,Appearance:Liquid, Color:Colorless, Odor:Orange,Odor threshold:No data available, pH:No data available, Relative evaporation rate (butyl acetate=1):0.2, Melting point:-96 °C, Freezing point:No data available, Boiling point:176 °C, Flash point:> 43 °C, Auto-ignition temperature:237 °C, Decomposition temperature:No data available, Flammability (solid, gas):No data available, Vapor pressure:< 2 mm Hg @ 20 deg C, Relative vapor density at 20 °C:No data available.



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